HellasFin is a market leader in the Greek Finance and Wealth Management industry, hundreds of customers trust their asset in to their hands. Today HellasFin is managing and caring over an asset portfolio with a value over 100 Million Euros. The company’s Management was seeking a new Cyberdefence solution to protect its corporate networks and connect all its branch offices with high secured standards.

Industry: Finance
Services: IT Consulting, Managed Security Services
Solutions: LANCOM R&S UF-200 & LANCOM R&S UF-300


HellasFin IT Systems processing every day hundreds of financial transactions. Therefore the security of the systems and privacy of the data is mandatory.

For this reason, the company is needing an state of the art Cyberdefence Solution and specialized cybersecurity services.

Also, the grow and expansion of HellasFin branch network required a solution that would ensure the connection and exchange of information between the branches and headquarters with the utmost stability and security.


The company operates its own Data center at its HQ in Thessaloniki and has over 80 users at 3 locations all over Greece, the solution which was needed had to be reliable with cutting edge Technologies and also a managed provider  had to manage and handle any security issue.

HellasFin decided to go with NETECO IT Systems due to its expertise on the Cybersecurity field and since it was the only MSS providing a UTM Solution made in Europe by LANCOM Systems. LANCOM is an German based vendor and a subsidiary of Rohde & Schwarz Group.  The UTM appliance of LANCOM Systems provided all needed security and network features such as Firewall, IPS/IDS, DPI, SSL inspection, Virus & malware Protection, Web Content Filters, Routing, VPN IPSEC Tunnels and many more.

At the HellasFin HQ a LANCOM UF-300 UTM appliance was installed as the core system and all Branches where equip with LANCOM UF-200 UTM appliances and connected via secure VPN IPSEC tunnels. Also, all UTM appliance where connected to NETECO 24/7 SOC/NOC which is managing, maintaining and monitoring all UTM appliances and takes immediately actions if any unusual traffic is been seen.


With the UTM solutions of LANCOM and Managed Security Services by NETECO, HellasFin achieved to fulfill its high standards and governmental regulations and provides to its customer the sense of security that is needed for there valuable assets.

As Dr. Georgios Katakalos – HellasFin IT Manager stated

NETECO Managed Security Services in combination with LANCOM UTM Appliance give us the security that we need for our company and helping us at the IT Department to concentrated on the daily business.