Horizon Beach Resort is one of the most beautiful and well-located Family Hotel Resorts on Kos Island Greece. With a total Surface of 150.000 m2 and a total of 428 rooms, the hotel provides 4 Star services to its guest making their Vacations unforgettable. As the Hotel was fully renovated and expand with 104 new rooms and main facilities, the Hotel Management decided that a new Wi-Fi and Network Infrastructure was needed to serve with high speed internet over 1.600 guest all over the Hotel.

Industry: Hospitality
Services: IT Consulting, Cybersecurity, IT-Infrastructure
Solutions: LANCOM R&S UF-300, LANCOM LW600 & OX6400 Access Points, LANCOM XS-5116XS Fiber Optics Switches


As the Hotel expand from initial 321 to 428 rooms with also new main facilities like Main Restaurants, Poole’s, a la cart Restaurant the old Wi-Fi network was insufficient to handle this big scale network.

A total new network infrastructure had to be designed to cover all the buildings and public spots with high speed internet. Also, the new network design had to be scalable at any time if the demands would grow.


The Solution which was designed and implemented by NETECO was to build two Data Centers which where interconnected via LANCOM Datacenter graded SFP Aggregation Switch and 40Gbps QSFP Fiber Optics.

More than 15km of Fiber Optics and over 40km of CAT6A Ethernet cables where installed.

At every main building and Room Block a 24 Port Gigabit POE Switch was installed in a total of 78 switches and connected via Fiber Optics to the nearest Data Center.

Also, over 270 Indoor and  Outdoor Access Point where installed all over the Hotel Surface to provide high speed wireless internet access.

At the Main Data Center an own build NETECO NMS Server was installed to provide central management to all network equipment and a LANCOM UF-300 UTM Appliance was installed to provide network security, routing and VLAN.


With the solution Horizon Beach Hotel achieved its goals providing an excellent Wi-Fi experience to over 1.600 users and with the scalable network architecture any other need like VOIP Telephony can be covered.

As Mr. Stylianos Lamprianidis – Horizon Beach Resort General Manager stated:

With the provided Solution from NETECO we achieved to provide an excellent Service to our Guest making their Holidays even more enjoyable.

Also, with the scalable network architecture we can immediately handle any new requirement.

NETECO has become an important and valuable Partner for our Business providing us superb technical support and consultancy.