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What is EventiFI?

Nowadays any Event, Exhibition or Conference relies on strong, reliable and fast WiFi connectivity and its often crusial for the success of the event.

Our EventiFI enterprise WiFi Rental Service can support your event, delivering connectivity to suit your events specific needs and requirements. Our Wifi solutions range from multiple enterprise WiFi access points in high density environments servicing your entire event site, down to 4G/LTE connectivity for outdoor events where no landline Internet connections are available.


What does EventiFI provide

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    EventiFI brings a enterprise class WiFi experience where there is limited WiFi coverage. We work with multiple ISPs and combining different internet access technologies so that you always have the best possible performance.
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    We provide a fully managed WiFi Service. Providing you the best suitable WiFi solution for your needs and bringing the WiFi solution pre-configured according your requirements to your event or location. We offer a range of different solution packages, depending on whether you’re looking to charge for the provided service, the needed bandwith and total users to be served. All technical aspects are managed by us, so that you can concentrate on the event. 
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    We offer scalable enterprise class WiFi solutions by LANCOM Systems and can add payment gateways, WiFi extensions and additional bandwidth allocation if required. This gives the flexibility you need and we can meet your connectivity requirements.
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    With our caching technology we reduce bandwith requirements. This allows you to reduce internet connectivity cost or increase your profit margins.

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