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Ensuring your business data is protected and easily recoverable.

Data is your organization’s most valuable asset. When you lose critical data, you can suffer significant financial and productivity losses. Data loss can cause a damaged reputation, massive downtime, loss of clients, fines, government scrutiny and other intangible costs.

Some companies never fully bounce back from data loss or downtime, with 60 percent of small and medium-sized businesses shuttering their operations within six months.

Safeguarding your organization's critical data.

Implementing a solid backup and recovery plan improves your chances of avoiding catastrophic data loss. NETECO’s backup and disaster recovery solutions safeguard your data against the most common causes of data loss: Human error, hardware failures, database corruptions, hackers and natural disasters.

Our proven solutions enable your business to work more efficiently and restore critical data and services when you need them most and with quick RTO.

Backup and disaster recovery solutions are invaluable for your business when responding to disruptions within minutes or hours of an outage or disaster taking place.

NETECO delivers a multitude of recovery options, securely storing data onsite, in our highly secured Data center or in the cloud. Beyond giving your organization a solution to outages and disasters, there are many more benefits, including:

  • Saving your business downtime
  • Maintaining your productivity and the ability to generate revenue
  • Preserving your reputation
  • Meeting your client obligations
  • Preventing lost business to your competitors
  • Ensuring compliance with industry regulators

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