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Reduce operating costs and increase workforce productivity.

Telecommunication is an important tool for your organization. It empowers your business to effectively communicate with customers and deliver high standards of customer service. Telecommunication is also a key element in your organization’s teamwork, allowing employees to easily collaborate from wherever they are located. Mobile telecommunication gives your company the opportunity to introduce more flexible opportunities by letting your employees efficiently work from home. And, the allowance of smartphones and other mobile devices give your workforce new levels of productivity and capability on the move.

Take advantage of teleconferencing, video conferencing and video calling systems to steer collaboration among employees. Adopting a sophisticated IP telecom system for your organization improves productivity, betters customer service and increases growth.

We deliver IP telecom solutions that boost your productivity.

Our IP telecom solutions allow you to attract and retain customers, improve speed to market and increase profitability. We provide voice over IP (VoIP) telecom systems, Unified Communications systems that increases collaboration and providing conferencing features.

The benefits of IP telecom solutions:

NETECO helps you select the right ip telecom technology for your organization. We help you understand how each will positively affect your business operations and keep you competitive in your market. You can stamp a positive impact on your business with these benefits:

  • Improved communication through wired and wireless methods
  • Enhanced team collaboration to bring employees together and make progress on joint projects
  • Increased flexibility for remote employees or a traveling workforce
  • Enriched customer service which reinforces your relationship and brand
  • Reduced costs and more time and resources

Hospitality telecom solutions

With our expertise in the Hospitality Market, we have specialized IP telecommunications systems that provide enhanced features such as:

  • PMS Integration with the major PMS Systems such as Micros-Fidelio, Protel, Billiant, roomMaster
  • Automated Wake up calls, check-in / check-out, Do Not Disturbed
  • Maid status allowing housekeeping to set room status via phone
  • Guest Caller ID

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