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With smart technology against virus spreading – Kentix SmartXcan

Body temperature measurement reinvented – secure, intuitive, fast and EU-GDPR compliant

Kos – Greece, 20 April 2020 – NETECO IT Systems announces the exclusive distribution for the Greek market of the innovative solution of automatic access control of buildings – Kentix SmarXcan. Kentix makes an innovative, effective and efficient contribution to the global COVID 19 crisis. The SmartXcan recognizes directly if a person has a fever or not and based on it, you get access or not to the building. The solution is fully EU-GDPR compatible and helps to combat the spread of viruses in spaces such as public institutions, healthcare, schools, hotels and business facilities of all types. The handling is fast, intuitive and self-explanatory, the results reliable and accurate. The measurement is automated and contactless – thus safe for the user. The Kentix SmartXcan is used at access points to crowded areas and can be ideally combined with physical access solutions depending on the application.

Fever measurement secure, intuitive and fast

With the current COVID-19 pandemic and other viral infections and bacterial diseases, fever is by far the most frequent initial diagnosis (according to the WHO Report 2/2020: 87.9% for COVID-19). It is crucial for the effectiveness of a fever measurement in public places that the measurement is safe and accurate, intuitive and fast, and also provides the best results without violating the EU-GDPR. The Kentix SmartXcan meets all these important requirements. Thanks to the intelligent sensor technology, the user guidance is self-explanatory and invites people to take independent measurements. With a throughput of up to 700 people per hour, the new solution can also be used to control larger crowds of people – optionally with several Kentix SmartXcan systems that are operated in parallel.

Possible applications even beyond COVID-19

For example, Kentix SmartXcan supports the hospital’s nursing staff through an automated measurement of contactless fever and access control at central entrances. In addition, all companies or public buildings regardless of industry benefit from the ability to offer body temperature measurements compatible with the European GDPR regulation. Employees can scan themselves to see if they have a possible fever and consult a doctor rather than going to the workplace and infecting colleagues. In the aftermath of an epidemic, using the Kentix SmartXcan in schools, kindergarten, public transportation, sports and other recreational facilities can help people return to a normal life after a period of restricted access.

Moreover, by collecting and analyzing anonymous measurement data, public authorities can help in the timely recognition of the spread of infections.

Kentix SmartXcan can be purchased from the official reseller network of NETECO IT Systems.


Kentix Ltd., based in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, is a manufacturer of professional smart building security solutions for the physical security of business-critical infrastructures. Their integrated security solutions include SmartMonitoring, SmartAccess, SmartVideo and SmartMetering with only one system, completely IoT-based and remotely controllable via cloud. This saves costs and effort compared to several individual systems. The use of networkable wireless systems and modern IoT technologies also enables cost-effective integration into existing IT networks.

Kentix attaches great importance to easy installation and usability of its products, which are manufactured exclusively in Germany to the highest quality standards.

Kentix systems increase IT and system availability, avoid business failures and help to meet legal requirements. Seamless integration into existing IT environments has been proven to save companies money on investment and operation. 

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