Smart People Counting with IoT

Avoid overcrowding, protect people, protect your business


People Counting IoT System, distance detection and air quality measurement

In retail stores, schools, at events, production facilities or in offices – a single infected person can transmit viruses to other people in the room via exhaled aerosols.

KENTIX MultiSensor-TI includes several intelligent sensors networked together using smart software. These count the number of people, detect minimum distances that have not been observed and simultaneously measure the air quality. In this way overcrowding in areas can be prevent and Government regulations are met.


  • Secure

    GDPR compliant.
    Reliable person recognition through thermal image sensor.
    Detects several persons at the same time.
    Warns if minimum distance is not maintained.

  • Discrete

    Easy installation via doors.
    Acoustic signal integrated.
    Output on monitor, Web GUI.
    GDPR compliant.

  • Scalable

    Presence or passage counting.
    Capture of several entries and exits. 
    Easily networkable via LAN.

Perfect solution for:

Super Markets / Retail Stores


For fast and reliabel people counting at any number of entrances. Direct STOP/GO indication on monitors and displays

Swimming pools - Indoor sport facilities

Swimming pools - Indoor sport facilities

Simple and networkable control of visitor numbers for sports and event areas.

Offices - Authorities

Offices - Authorities

GDPR compliant people counting as passage counting for buildings or as presence counting for offices and areas.

Convert halls - Stadiums

Convert halls - Stadiums

Simple and networkable control of visitor numbers for event areas. Counting and controlling the flow of people within all areas.


Schools - Universities

Easily networkable people counting for spa, sports and event areas.

Airports - Train Stations

Airports - Train Stations

Easily networkable presence counting in Terminals and waiting areas. Fully GDPR compliant.

Kindergartens - Day care centers

Kindergartens - Day care centers

People counting for areas, rooms and buildings. Protection of waiting and break areas by presence detection.

Nursing homes - Housing area

Nursing homes - Housing area

Control of visitor numbers in care facilities. Detection of occupancy and stay figures in areas, rooms and buildings.

People Counting

Thanks to the already integrated and intelligent software, the MultiSensor-TI is able to detect several persons simultaneously, directions of movement and distances. Thus several door areas can be easily connected with each other via the existing house network (LAN).

A sensor takes over the management role as a control centre and provides the information via the required interfaces (Web-GUI, API, Mail, SNMP). The display directly via Smart-TV or Digital Signage Displays is therefore very easy.

Any number of sensors and doors simply networked via LAN

The Kentix MultiSensor-TI with integrated thermal image sensor technology requires only one cable or network connection with Power over Ethernet (PoE) for power supply.

The configuration is done via the integrated software using a web browser. The display for visitors on a smart monitor is also done via the integrated web server without additional software and can be customized with symbols and logo.

The internal buzzer loudly signals when the number of persons is reached.

Integrated information system

Inform customers, visitors or employees directly. External information systems can be directly controlled by the integrated interfaces. Digitally via network and web interfaces or electrically via inputs/outputs.

Reduce aerosols through integrated air quality sensor

Aerosols are the smallest suspended particles that are released into the air when exhaled. Viruses can sit on these tiny particles. The danger: the more people in a room, the more aerosols are in the air, and in the worst case, more viruses.

The MultiSensor-TI warns of stuffy air. By actively monitoring the room air quality, the number of potentially virus-contaminated aerosols in the room can be reduced.

100% IoT BASED

Kentix Multisensor TI is designed to provide a simple usable Web GUI.

Freely configurable Web-GUI

The presentation of the STOP-GO display for display on a digital signage display can be adapted with your own graphics and colours. You can also display your logo.

High-end thermal sensor with 1024 pixels

With a resolution of 1024 pixels and the two available viewing angles of 40° or 90°, the MultiSenso-TI covers all requirements for optimum adaptation of the monitoring area. For the best possible planning, we offer a pre-sales planning service. Feel free to contact us

Compact dimensions, easy mounting

The MultiSensor measures only 90x90x45mm and is supplied with a snap-in mounting bracket and cable cover. Ideally, it should be mounted on the ceiling.

SmartAPI and external connections

The Multisensor is simply integrated into the network via Ethernet with PoE, so only one cable feed is necessary. Via HTTPS and the integrated web server, configuration and future updates are easily done. With the REST-API, external systems can be easily integrated at software level and controlled in real time via web hooks. In addition, a system port with two inputs/outputs is available for the electrical connection of external systems such as door controls or singling systems.

Black or White

For discreet mounting depending on the application, the MultiSensor is available in black and white. Thus the sensor is hardly noticeable on dark or light surfaces.

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